You’ll love the new Map T-Shirt from Brinley Williams.

Why a Personalised Map T-Shirt? Well if you could place a pin on a map of the UK to point to somewhere which is really important to you where would it be? Wherever it is you are sure to be happy to discover that it is now possible to have that special place marked with a pin on the new range of personalised map t-shirts from Brinley Williams. In addition to a map of the whole of the United Kingdom there are also maps for each of the home counties. So you can choose to pin your special location on …

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5 websites have now become 1

It’s has taken a while and it’s not something I would willingly undertake ever again but the merging of my 5 websites into 1 is now finally done. So from now on if you try and access any of the original sites, namely,,, or  they will all take you to I will be adding quite a few new ranges onto the site in the near future so if you would like to be informed of these please like the BW facebook page as that is where I will post any product updates and offer …

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If you won the lottery

If you won 5 million on the lottery

Decided to have a little fun on facebook recently and posted a conversation starter that went “If you won 5 million on the lottery how much would you give to each of your mates?” I have to say the results were quite enlightening and not what i would have though as the majority of people responded “Fuck all!” Check out the results yourself on the facebook page here    

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