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Personalised Business mugs

We get a lot of inquiries from companies and organisations asking for discounted bulk mug quantities. So here’s a beginner’s guide to business mugs to make that job a little easier.

The beauty of purchasing your business mugs from the Mug Shop is that we offer quantity price breaks if you order over a certain quantity. So, for example, we offer one price for 5-49 mugs and a cheaper price for between 50-99 mugs and then another even cheaper from for over 100 mugs. So if you are going to buy mugs within the quantities shown then have a look at our Bulk Mug Orders Section.

If you don’t want a large number of mugs then that’s not a problem either because unlike screen printing which has large setup costs our mug printing process comes with no setup fees so if you want 5 or 10 mugs that’s fine.

As for artwork we normally print at 300dpi which means that if you want the best print quality on your mug then save your design at this resolution for the optimum results. To help you with designing your business mug have a look at our range of blank mug templates that are pre-sized to make the design process easier.

If you are not sure about how to use the templates or get stuck then just drop us an email and we can walk you through how best to do this or alternatively you can make use of our mug design service and we will do this work for you.

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