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Mug of the month

It’s taken a while but its finally here……………….

From the very first day, we went live, the staff at mug shop have been enjoying the designs that customers have created for their mugs. Some of the wording on personalised mugs has been touching, silly, rude, and damn right hilarious.  Just as impressive have been the host of truly brilliant Design your own mug creations which have left us in the wonder of the depth of your creativity. Then there have been the photo mugs which in all honesty mostly lean towards the wacky side and tend to make us smile and sometimes guffaw. (seriously, that’s the sound we have been heard to make.)

Mug of the month competition
Mug of the month competition is launched

With so many funny and brilliant mug designs being created we have always chatted about putting them up on the website so that others can share in the fun and finally it’s happening because every month from now on (and if we get time, retrospectively) we are going to select the best mug designs created by you and post them here for everyone can see.

The designs selected for inclusion each month will receive a £10.00 discount voucher which can be used against any future mug shop purchase.

Have fun and happy designing.

PS: our opinion is final & no legal action can be taken against us ……….. etc etc etc

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