Personalised Halloween Mugs

If you are really set on scaring someone for Halloween then have a look at our skull’s personalised mugs range which has been designed by the illustrator Clem Wigley. Quite simply its a skull design that will freak people out as you tip your drink up and sip from the top of the skull.

personalised mugs for halloween
scary personalised mugs for Halloween

Clem was asked to do a range of monster mugs specifically for the Mug Shop that would be both funny and at the same time gruesome and his range of Monster Mugs are surely that.

From Monsters to Squirmy things

With the success of the Monster Mugs ranges both through our online shop and High street retailers, Clem has once again decided to team up with the mug shop to create a new range of Squirmy mug designs. The first few mugs have just been proofed and believe us when we say they provide both a fun factor as well as a Yuch factor. To view, the latest designs mugs go to squirmy mugs.

Our monster mugs and squirmy mugs as well a load of other scary designs can be viewed on the website by clicking Halloween mugs in the left-hand menu.


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