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Custom printed mugs

We often get asked by business customers as well as people who want something special for a big occasion, whether we offer discounts for buying large quantities of custom printed mugs. This is something we have always done, however, the procedure for buying online was rather clunky.

Our new custom printed mugs section on the website now makes it easy to purchase 5 or more mugs based on your own design and it includes price breaks for various order quantities. (price break charts can be found at the bottom of each product page.) To make the process even simpler we have also segmented the custom section up into front & back and wraparound options as well as including a re-order section with no minimum so you can re-order a few of the mugs in the future if you need them. The same system is in place for personalised custom mugs which also has a re-order facility. front & back custom printed mugs

All of the above makes the purchasing of custom printed mugs easier however we have also made the creation of the mug design easier as well as we have introduced a number of  Photoshop and Printable templates which can be downloaded and used to create your designs. These are all housed in our custom printed mugs template library and include both front & back as well as full wraparound templates.

Finally, if you are not able to create your own design using the template scheme or just don’t have the time, then look at our custom mug design service where you provide us with the necessary graphics in electronic format IE: Logo’s, Photographs or Images, as well as instructions on how you would like your mug to look and any personalisation details and we do the rest.

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