Personalised memorial candles

personalised memorial candles
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Personalised memorial candles are comforting gifts or condolence presents for anyone who has experienced the pain of the loss of loved ones, family members or friends. They are often also used to celebrate the life of someone who has made a difference to your life and those around you.

Memorial candles can be lit as part of the funeral service as a symbolic representation of their presence one the one who has departed or as spiritual focus for congregation at a bereavement ceremony. They can also be used as remembrance candles on the anniversary of the death of a child, parent, relative or friend as a symbol of their spiritual presence. You can also choose to not light them and just have them as keepsakes on display in the home as a daily reminder of the spirit one who has passed.

Celtmyth have three different memorial categories to choose from, we have personalised adult memorial candles, personalised children’s memorials candles and we also offer a range of pet memorial candles that allow you to celebrate and remember the loss of a beloved companion.

We also offer printed Verse memorial candles to which you can add a message or verse of up to 400 characters long, including spaces, as well as someones name/names and two lines of Sub Text (both optional) below it, each text field can be up to 32 characters long including spaces.

A lovely way to show that they may be gone but that they wont be forgotten and their light will always shine on through.

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