Welsh Bow Ties & Welsh Ties

It’s always nice to get dressed up for a special occasion and its especially nice to wear something which depicts your pride at being Welsh. (especially so if you are going to a function outside of the principality πŸ™‚ )

welsh neck tie

The welsh shop has a number of attire options for you to consider in the form of our welsh bow ties as well as our standard neck ties. If you like a bit of show then the bow tie may be the choice for you and fear not as they do not require and fancy tying skills as they simply have a clip on the back which you need to fasten. (whew! eh?) Our neckties are for the more smart casual look however the downside is that they are not clip-ons and do require some knot tying dexterity, or your mam’s help, to be able to make them look dapper on you.


So if you have been invited to a wedding either in Wales or over the border (thats international that is), have tickets to a banquet, ball or knees up at the rugby club then our range of welsh ties and welsh bow ties are worth consider as a fitting accessory for your smart attire.

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