new man mug gift box in white

New Man Mug Packaging


It turns out these stickers are useless and started to peel off the cardboard boxes after a couple of months – they even curl up on glass which is the easiest medium to stick something to.

I contacted the (they also have a number of other sites/faces including & Kustom Design Printing Limited) and they asked for a photo of the problem. I sent them this image and they responded by saying

Unfortunately, after looking into our terms and conditions we would have required the stickers sent back to us within 14 days for a reprint or refund

rubbish fastprint stickers - avoid at all costs

So they only guarantee their stickers for 14 days – truly amazing.

We are nearly there with the packaging for our new man mug range – just a few more steps and we will be ready to launch. As a teaser, here is a preview of the white gift box which has a metallic sticker from fast print on the front. There will also be an informative sticker on the back which has yet to be designed so we will post that up once it has been finalised. At present the launch date is provisionally set for Father day which this year is on Sunday, June the 21st – so make a note to check back then.

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