Badge Tea Coffee Personalised Mug

Round retro badge personalised mug

For August we have launched a new round retro badge personalised mug for you which can be customised not only with your name but also with how you take your tea or coffee which is sure to make things simpler at home and in the office.

The badge design can be found on our mug-shop section on the website and is available in 8 different colours as well as black so as to cater to any preference you may have. You can also choose from our normal ceramic & small bone china mugs and for the first time, we are also offering this design on our new cool and groovy big bone china mugs.

The inspiration for this design came from Allan Peters who is an out-and-out badge hunter in that he travels all over the states on the lookout for retro logos & badges and documents them on his blog. His collection of badges is incredibly diverse and includes collections of flour bag designs as well as collections based on locations he has visited which together make up a truly stunning encyclopedic collection. So I have to tip my hat to Allan and say a thank you to him for providing the inspiration for this new design of ours. Hopefully, if he ever comes across it on his travels, he will be pleased at being the inspiration behind it.


The round retro badge personalised mug design appears on both the front and back of the mug and can be personalised with a name of up to 16 characters long, including spaces with the option of selecting from a variation of tea coffee choices. Design colour options include black, bronze, claret, cocoa, indigo, olive, purple, red & slate.

Mug Types:

Ceramic: Size: 10oz: 9cm High x 8cm Dia | Weight: 310gr
Big Bone China: Size: 14oz: 9cm High x 9cm Dia | Weight: 255gr
Small Bone China: Size: 7oz: 8.4cm High x 7.5cm Dia | Weight: 185gr
Have a good August


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