so long tredegar house

Farewell Tredegar House

Nearly two years have come and gone since the fire in early December 2013 which turned the lives of the fab group of crafters upside down for a little while, but the renovation of the craft workshops at Tredegar House, which started in June, is finally nearing completion and it came time to make a decision on going back.

It’s been a rather interesting 20 months having to deal with loss adjusters, solicitors, lawyers, and insurers while also trying to get the business running temporarily from home. Especially given my estimate of having the business back up and running by the end of the first January, which was a tad optimistic.

The temporary home business arrangement soon required a rethink as the refurbishment of the craft workshops was still in limbo after a year which was the length of my Business interruption insurance cover so I had to come up with a permanent solution. Basically, I decided to put all my efforts and capital into getting the business working properly from home which is what I did and it is now functioning rather well. The downside to this is that there would be no surplus cash available to restock and refit the shop when it was eventually refurbished. It was, for this reason, I decided earlier this week to ask the National Trust to release me from my lease, which they were kind enough to do yesterday with immediate effect.

So a rather brilliant 10 years full of heaps and heaps of fond memories and the wonderful Tredegar House comes to an end and I would like to give a massive thank you to all those who made it so much fun, both friends, co-workers, fellow crafters, Tredegar House staff and customers alike. I know there will be loads of things I really miss about not being down there but damn it was fun while it lasted and you have to accept that life’s full of adversity – like when you fall over on a dance floor, you just need to pick yourself up and keep on boogieing.

So we are still here but just not where we were.


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