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Personalised wedding unity candle on your wedding day

Personalised wedding unity candle – your guide:

If you are planning for your big day you will be on the lookout for those extra special touches that are going to make your wedding perfect. So in addition to the large decisions like dress, shoes, venue, transport & photographer you will also be looking for things that will add that unique effect because a good wedding is all about the details.
Personalised wedding unity candles are one such detail and in this article, I will be explaining how they can be used to augment the ceremony and in the following article, I will detail how they can be included as part of the actual reception decorations.

Unity Candles as part of the wedding ceremony

corinthians personalised wedding unity candle from celtmyth
Celtmyth’s 1 Corinthians Personalised Wedding Unity Candle

A unity candle is usually comprised of a candle set that includes a central pillar candle as well as two taper candles on either side. The way they are used in the wedding ceremony is quite flexible with regards to the bride and groom and possible family member involvement. Essentially the individual tapers are first lit and then these are then used together to light the central unity pillar candle. The ceremony symbolises the union of two people but it cam also include mothers and fathers of the bride and groom signifying the union of two families.

One variation is to for the bride’s parents to light one taper candle and hand it to the bride, the groom’s parents then do the same with the other taper, and then the bride and groom both use their tapers to light the central family pillar candle. It’s a lovely touch and shows the commitment that not only the married couple are pledging but that of the two families as well.

Once the ceremony is over the personalised wedding unity candle is usually given by the bride and groom as a keepsake for their home or presented to one of the mothers as a thank you gift.

Celtmyth has a large range of different unity candle designs for you to choose from and all the designs are available in eight different so you are sure to be able to find a match for your designated wedding colours. If not you can either create your own design using our custom candle option or just drop us a mail with your requirements and we will do our utmost to help create the perfect design for you.

And there you have a concise explanation of using the personalised unity candle as part of the wedding ceremony.

Please feel free to add your own experiences in the comments as well as ask any questions you might have.
Personalised unity wedding candles - how to include in your big day

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