agent leman - the face of mandangle

Mandangle Welcomes Agent Leman

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Agent Leman (pictured) as the new face of mandangle.

Agent Leman position within the company will be flexible and wide-ranging however because of the clandestine nature of the work he is to undertake the details cannot, unfortunately, be made public as this would breach mandangle’s security protocol.

What can be said is that the role requires some specialist skills including being a master of disguise and comfortable under extreme social, emotional and mental pressure, he is also required to be an incredibly well dressed and have above average physical attributes. Agent Leman is perfectly qualified in all of the above areas but also brings numerous other qualities that cannot be detailed but were shown when he was tasked to get some high-level exposure for mandangle which led to the Jeep mandangle being photographed outside No:10 downing street. (see the previous post for more information.)

I would therefore like to officially welcome Agent Leman on board and look forward to working with him on new and exciting assignments.


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