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Man Candles

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Masculine candles with amazing aromas.

If you like relaxing aromas permeating your home or office then our range of aromatic man candles are for you.

At the moment we have over 16 different mancentric aromas in our man candle collection which means that we have a wide enough selection to hopefully keep all tastes happy.

Selecting which aromatic scents will suit you is not straightforward because unfortunately, it is not possible for you to actually smell any of the aromatic candles via your computer so we have provided as much information about the different blended notes as possible.

We also allow customers to add their own reviews to each product page to help other buyers make calculated choices. With regard to the reviews, you should be aware that not everyone perceives a scent in the same way, much like aftershaves. So please use the provided information purely as a guide rather than a definitive reference.

In addition to the variety of different fragrances, all man candles are available in either black glass or a clear glass container which gives you additional aesthetic options depending on where and when the candle is to be used.

In the not too distant future, Brinley Williams will be increasing the room fragrance range to include reed diffuser's which, although they don't provide a relaxing ambiance are more practical in that they don't need to be lit or extinguished. The range of fragrances available in the diffuser range will be the same as that of the scented glass man candles so once you have found a scent that works for you the option of a man diffuser will not be difficult.
All man candles are made using a Premium grade Soya and paraffin wax blend with a coreless flat braided wicking that allows for a cleaner flame and is almost self-trimming and can be burnt for up to 40 hours.

Finally, we have chosen the glass containers that we use to be upcycled, and once burnt the clear candle glass can be cleaned and reused as a whiskey tumbler whereas the black glass can be used to hold tea lights or votives.

man candles
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