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The Ruff Guide to Consciousness ~ Part 2

The Ruff Guide to Consciousness ~ Part 2
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ZenDawg - The Ruff Guide

The ZenDawg - The ruff guide to consciousness part 2 eBook is a second in the series of self help illustrated manuscripts which provides you with a fundamental knowledge of the structure and function of consciousness.

Product Details:
Format: Web App
Print Length: TBD.
Sale Terms:
Language: English.
Text Copyright: Brinley Williams
Illustrations Copyright: Brinley Williams
Flowable Text: Enabled

Suitable for Ages:
If you can read then you are of the right age. And if not then it has pictures.

Browser Compatibility:
This eBook can be viewed on any HTML5 Compatible Browser. (Requires internet connection to view.)

Device Compatibility:
Suitable for viewing on Laptop & Desktop PC's, Tablets and Smart Phones. (see HTML5 Comparability requirement above)

PWIW (Pay what it's worth to you):
In an age where the economic strategy of large corporations and businesses is to take as much as possible and give nothing back, I took the decision to avoid dealing with them and offer this eBook on my own website. This meant I then had free reign to adopt my own pricing policy. Now because this eBook relates to self help, I really felt it should be available to anyone, no matter what their financial standing.
So the donation model seemed like a good choice but asking you to donate up front didn't seem logical, as how would you judge how much it was worth. The answer I came up with was a tweak on the original PWIW model. Basically I decided to let you first read the eBook and then ask for a donation afterwards.
This method allows you to base a contribution on your judgement of the actual value the eBook has provided instead of just making a guess.
So if you got nothing from the experience then there is no need to contribute - which I am fine with. If it did provide some value then you will happily make a contribution as thanks for what I have provided.
I call it the cool and groovy payment policy.

Copyright © 2018 Brinley Williams. All rights Reserved.