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Bois ~ Man Candle

Bois ~ Man Candle
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Bois ~ Man Candle Bois ~ Man Candle Bois ~ Man Candle Bois ~ Man Candle Bois ~ Man Candle

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Masculine by design

Evocative and alluring the Bois man candle has an unusual warm and woody fragrance. It has a smouldering heady aroma which is reminiscent of burning embers and comprises of top notes of Fresh Solar Accord, Herbal, Eucalyptus, Marine while at its core there are heart notes of Spicy Cloves with a floral hint of Magnolia and an earthy ground Nutmeg. Sitting below them all there lie the wonderful base notes of Cedarwood along with subtle aromas of Musk and just a hint of a little Moss. Simple Fantastic.

Candle Container Options:
Clear Glass: Size: 30 cl | 9.3cm High x 8cm Dia | Wax Fill Weight 230g
Black Glass: Size: 30 cl | 9.3cm High x 8cm Dia | Wax Fill Weight 230g

Premium grade Soya and parrafin wax blend designed specifically for use in our aromatic glass candles to deliver a consistent burn.

Coreless flat braided wicking that allows for a cleaner flame and are almost self-trimming.

Burn time:
Up to 40 hours.

Additional Options:
For an additional fee you can have your candle packaged in either a White or Black gift box with tissue wrapping and secured with a ribbon strap. You can also add a polished stainless steal lid with rubber seal which are aesthetically pleasing while at the same time help to seal in the fragrance. The lid can also be used to stand the candle on to act as a surface protector.

Time to Make:
All our aromatic man candles are hand-poured and made to order, so the turnaround from order to despatch is a minimum of 2 working days to allow for the curing process.

Candle Maintenance:
Ensure you burn the candle the first time for at least 2 hours ensuring the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container to prevent tunneling.
Trim the wicks to about 1cm before re-lighting which should avoid smoking and irregular burning.

Safety Tips:
To prevent fire and serious injury, burn candle within sight & on a level fire resistant surface.
Keep out of reach of children & pets and away from drafts.
Never burn this candle on or near anything that can catch fire and never leave unattended.

Once used the clear candle glass can be cleaned and reused as a drinks tumbler while the black glass container can be used to hold tea lights.

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