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Mandangle Giftware

The Mandangle range of Man Gifts - Masculine by design

The ultimate range of masculine gifts for men:.

This exciting collection of masculine gifts for men from mandnagle are for the discerning gentleman and include a range of fun & risqué designer man mugs as well as a collection of aromatic man candles which allow men to express their true nature be it for fine luxury fragerances or tongue in cheek manly humour.

Mandangle also recently launched a new colourful & stylish range of mugs and candles that targets half the world's population. British Designer Brinley Williams is launching a website to promote his new range of designer mugs and aromatic candles geared just for men.

The Man Mug collection is big on fun & laughter with a healthy splash of cool & groovy honesty thrown in. The designs are light hearted, a tad mischievous, sometimes satirical verging on risqué - but never serious.

They aim to celebrate, with positivity, honesty and a whole lot of tongue in cheek humour, true “manness” (new word), by candidly letting men laugh at themselves and revel in the funny side of being a "man member".
They are also meant to make women nod & smile.

Definition of Fandangle: noun (informal) - an ornate or fantastic ornament.
Definition of Mandangle: noun (informal) - an ornate or fantastic ornament for a man.

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