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Design Your Own Mug

Create a mug using your own design.

Do you fancy making your own customised mug design and having it printed onto a mug, or would like to use one of your kids drawings to create a custom mug? If so, then life just got a whole lot easier as you can now use one of our predesigned custom mug templates to allow you to do just that and it involves just a few simple steps .

STEP 1: Download one of our Custom Mug Templates.
STEP 2: Create your mug design by printing out the template or importing it into a Graphics programme.
STEP 3: Save your Artwork electronically. (Scan it into your computer if you produced it by hand.)
STEP 4: Upload your Artwork file with your order.

Helpful Hint:

If you create your mug design on a computer it is always a good idea to print it out when you have completed it so that you can view your design at the size it will be printed. If you have a similar mug size to hand you could also wrap it around it to get the full effect of what it will look like. The reason why it is important to do this is that most people will enlarge a design on their monitor to work on it but in reality, the design will be much smaller when printed. So small fonts or fine detail which look ok when the image is enlarged on a monitor will not be as clear when actually printed out at normal size.

Ceramic or Bone China

You can choose to have your design added to either a ceramic mug or a bone china mug. The difference between the two types is that our ceramic mugs are sturdy and robust whereas the bone china is slightly smaller, lighter, and more delicate.

Design your own mug Instructional blog post

If you would like some more information about creating your own custom mug design have a look at the Design your own mug - how to: Blog Post I have written that gives an overview on the various menthods that can be employed as well as explaining how to make your design really stand out.

Visit the  Custom Mug Template Library

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