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Man Mugs

Mugs for Men for a Masculine cuppa

Man mugs are a new & exciting brand of light hearted, uniquely mischievous, satirical & sometimes risqué mug designs developed to promote men with positivity, honesty and whole lot of tongue in cheek humour.

Our belief is that the men of the world need to be encouraged to laugh at themselves a little more and revel in the funny side of being a "man member".

Our designs do exactly that, by putting them directly in the satirical spotlight and revealing things that men think and do but which are not commonly expressed in public.

They aim to celebrate with positivity, honesty and a whole lot of tongue in cheek humour, true “manness” (new word), by candidly letting men laugh at themselves and revel in the funny side of being a "man member". They are also meant to make women nod & smile.

All man mugs designs are available in a variety of mantone colours and on either Big Bone China or Ceramic mugs. The ceramic mugs are the standard 10oz everyday mug sizes most people are familiar with where as the small bone china mug is much smaller with a capacity of 7 fluid oz. The big bone china mug as the name suggest is the biggest of the bunch and has a capacity of 14 fluid oz which makes it a firm favourite for all the big mug lovers. For an additional fee all three mug styles are available to be gift boxed in either a white or kraft cardboard box making them perfect man gifts.

In the not too distant future all the man mug designs will also be available on our Man Member clothing range which will include t-shirts, hoodies & caps. There is also a range of aromatic glass container man candles we have launched to freshen up the abode of all discerning gents.

We presently have over 50 different man mug designs which offer consumers a vast and varied selection of messages from which to choose to express or reveal.

Essentially the ‘man mug’ collection of designer mugs features funky, mischievous designs, ranging from family-friendly fun to more risqué manly humour. Put simply our man-ifesto is to turn the spotlight on ourselves and have a little fun in the process through uniquely original always positive and brilliantly stylish designs.

man mugs
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