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The coffee of life ~ Man Mug

The coffee of life ~ Man Mug
The coffee of life ~ Man Mug
The coffee of life ~ Man Mug
The coffee of life ~ Man Mug
The coffee of life ~ Man Mug
The coffee of life ~ Man Mug

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Masculine by design

Let's face it there are days when you can just cruise and then there are days that seem to be a complete slog. On the down days it is always good to have a pick me up and having a nice cuppa coffee usually does help, especially in the morning after a rather heavy party night.

So although this mug wont cure your hangover, it will help bring you back to life just a little, especially if the coffee is extra strong. So next time you wake up and are in need of some early morning liquid sustenance this is mug to have it in.

Design Description:
This man mug design contains the words The coffee of life on the front and back of the mug with a small man mug logo located centrally at the base.

Mug Types: (more info)
Ceramic: Size: 10oz: 9cm High x 8cm Dia | Weight: 310gr
Big Bone China: Size: 14oz: 9cm High x 9cm Dia | Weight: 255gr
Fine Bone China: Size: 7oz: 8.4cm High x 7.5cm Dia | Weight: 185gr

Design Colour Options:
Bronze, Claret, Cocoa, Indigo, Olive, Purple, Red & Slate.

Gift Box Options:
For an additional fee you can have your mug packaged in either a White or Kraft gift box with tissue wrapping.

Time to Make:
This product normally ships within 2 working days.

Mug Maintenance:
Both our Ceramic & Fine bone china man mugs are incredibly durable and do not require much additional care apart from standard cleaning.

However if used frequently to drink very strong tea or coffee your mug may become stained on the inside, so here are some top tips on keeping them clean.
To remove stubborn stains fill the mug with warm water and add some baking soda, denture tablets or a little bleach and leave to soak for a couple of hours.
Once clean ensure you wash the mug thoroughly before reuse.

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