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Myg Mugs

Bilingual welsh english Mugs

Looking to learn Welsh or to teach others a few Welsh Phrases? Our Myg Mugs will be just your cuppa tea then.

These stylishly designed myg mugs comprise of a number of Welsh phrases with the Welsh on one side and the English translation on the other.

All the designs in the collection are available in a choice of 8 different colours.MYG Mugs are great because they are out of the ordinary.

They contain Welsh phrases that help polish your language skills while enjoying a good mug of tea.

To top it off, they have English translations on the other side of the mug that will define the phrases.

There are very many reasons as to why you should buy our MYG mugs, the top being that they are well designed and have the best catchphrases and words.

They come in many colors and are brilliantly crafted to suit your preference. These mugs can also be gifts to your friend who loves language or your children who are trying to pronounce new words.

They are designed to be durable especially because of their ceramic interior. They are really unlike any other as they will be a rare find for you. You can choose a color that easily matches your other plates and mugs for you to achieve that match the look of all your utensils. they are a great addition to your current collection.

Myg Mugs at Brinley Williams
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