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Text Message Mugs

mugs that tell a story.

Over 200 text message mug designs to choose from - and most are available in a variety of colours. A great way to either celebrate an occasion, just have a bit of fun with proverbs, be naughty, add a bit of spice to the office, show everyone your favorite TV or sport, or gee up the troops with a motivational message.

Nowadays, text messages are the most common way to communicate with people. They easily pass on the message and portray how you feel and want you to communicate. So do our text message mugs. They contain different sentences and phrases that describe diverse aspects of life. The mugs contain different messages that also describe people or even situations.

They are over 160 mugs in number and all of them have a different phrase on it. Imagine what you would simply write on a phone text message and think of putting it on a mug. Whether you want to encourage or congratulate someone, we have just the mug for you. Giving these mugs as gifts will always be a keepsake for the recipient.

They may also be the most encouraging pick for yourself or your friend. Do not underestimate the power of these text message mugs, they can make you smile and easily pill you up when you are down. They fit numerous occasions such as work promotions, weddings, and naming days and are uniquely made to suit you no matter the kind of situation that you want to embrace.

Text Message Mugs at Brinley Williams
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