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Personalised Candle Mugs

When a personalised scented candle is also a personalised mug

Exclusive to Brinley Williams. Giving a personalised gift to someone has always been viewed as something a little special as far as present giving goes.
So it is safe to say that giving a present that is two personalised gifts in one probably doubles the enjoyment effect. Which is what you can expect with this new and exclusive range of personalised scented candle mugs from Brinley Williams.

As the name suggests these little beauties are a scented candle to start with and when the candle has been used can then be cleaner out and used on a daily basis as a personalised mug.

The process is completely handmade so the selected personalised designs is first added to a mug blank. The the wick and wax are then added along with the selected fragerance to create the final product. The actual process is a little more involved and time consuming - taking 2 days overall but the result is a wonderful handmade scented candle in a personalised designer mug. The result is a rather special gift. One you will be happy to give but probably more happy to receive.

There are a large number of designs available to be personalised along with an extensive range of stunning fragerances to create the scented candle of your choice. But that's not all because if you would prefer to create your very own scented candle mug using your own artwork then you are in luck. Because the option to do just that is available on the design your own mug product page which allows you make all the necessary selection as well as upload your artwork when placing your order.

As always if you have any questions or would like to know more on purchasing these scented candle mugs please feel free to send over an email .

personalised scented candle mugs at Brinley Williams

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