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Rude Gifts

Tongue in cheek gifts that are Rude by design

Rudegift was founded in 2002 and began life as a way to bring a little laughter into peoples lives through some naughty but fun gifts.

The idea of a naughty range of gifts may not be everyones cup of tea but it certainly is something we find exceedingly humerous and rather titillating and figured the concept was worth a punt . When the rude gift website was launched we were pleasantly surprised how many other people have a similar sense of humour.

Once off the ground we began adding all sorts of different products which sometimes fitted the brand and sometimes did'nt, which meant that over time our collection evolved dramatically. We made a few mistakes along the way, foremost of which was adding novelty sex toys to the collection which eventually incorporated all sex related products, but this never felt like us so they were subsequently dropped so that we could return to our original philosophy of naughty but fun gifts.

In essense we are starting again albeit with more experience and we intend to keep it real and fun this time around.

To all our regular customers - thanks for staying with us and we intend to keep you and your friends smiling with the new product ranges we are going to be offering.

rude gifts at Brinley Williams

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