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Mens T-Shirts

t shirts to show your masculine side

In keeping with the Brinley Williams Ethos the exciting man t-shirts collection is a range of unique, must wear, cool and groovy sometimes light hearted, probably mischievous & satirical t-shirt designs created to promote man coolness when you hit the streets.

The range of t-shirt designs in the collection is rather eclectic which has basically come about based on ideas that I have had and enjoyed creating while always staying within the boundaries of being man positive.

If the designs achieve a little pride, man positivity, or both, when worn then that's all good and is sure to make the world a better place - while looking cool and groovy in public at the same time I might add.

To keep things simple I have decided that there is only going to be a single t-shirt colour option which is deep heather grey. Choosing the colour and style again took much longer than expected and required vetting over 20 samples from different manufacturers and their related styles. On some t-shirts, the designs will be available in Authentic or Distressed versions to cater to those who like their designs clean and those who like a more grungy look.

In the future, I intend to offer the man t-shirt designs on hoodies which, jeans not included, should pretty much cover your whole wardrobe given that there is a range of mandangle undies on the horizon. Given that Brinley Williams also offers man candles and woman candles that are man's perfect gift to a woman the full spectrum of your requirements are slowly being covered if you include the range of man mug designs that are also offered.

I hope you enjoy the designs and more importantly enjoy wearing them and in turn, help spread the cool and groovy man vibe out into the world.

As always the man-ifesto is to turn the spotlight on ourselves and have a little fun in the process through uniquely original always positive and brilliantly stylish designs.

man tshirts
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