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The story of Mandagle

how mandangle came into being

The story of Mandangle...

It's just the way of the world sometimes, you start off planning to go down one route but then end up in a different place altogether...and so it was with the creation of Mandangle.

The story begins when I bought some large bone china mugs to see if they would complement the range of mugs styles I already stocked on my online mug shop. When the mugs arrived I was really impressed as I have a thing for mugs that are bigger than standard 10oz mugs,they looked pretty cool as well.

The question was what to do with them? They were a bit too wide to easily transfer existing mug designs onto and there was also the issue of adapting the machinery to these larger sized mugs.

The obvious solution was a new bespoke range of designer mugs and I started throwing ideas about, but nothing really stood out until my partner suggested they would be great as mugs for men. Thank you Helen!

Given that I love designing I was on the case in a flash but as much as I enjoyed the process nothing really jumped out at me and gave that "yup that's it" vibe. The breakthrough came when a mate had an idea for a breakfast mug design, based on "don't go bacon my heart - I couldn't if I fried". Previously I been playing with a simple typography style and decided to try it out on the "bacon my heart" idea and viola! The first man mug was born.

All subsequent designs are simply variations of this original concept, but the design style is only part of what is required to develop a brand and I needed to create a collection of designs with a strong underlying ethos of being man positive, while also being cool and groovy interlaced with the occasional double entendre.
Hence Fun, Positivity & Honesty is ultimately the Mandangle way.

So the man mug range was finalised, website was built and it was all ready to go to market when my conveyor belt of "brilliant ideas" decided to start up again and churn out some other cool man product options that obviously had to be included on the website. The launch was put on hold.

In amongst the new man fandangle ideas were aprons, caps, tshirts, hoodies, posters but there was one that stood out and which really appealed to me - man candles. This unique idea wasn't too far fetched as I have an online personalised candle shop, but fragranced container candles was something I had never done...but I love learning new stuff so new avenue here we come.

I began by purchasing some glass container stock, different types of waxes, loads of wicks and a mixture of aromatic fragrances and went into research and development mode. It took a lot longer than expected, months and months in fact, but eventually the process was perfected and I had compiled a range of superb manly fragranced container candles.
Now I really was ready to launch and as they say.....the rest is history.

So there you have it - the story of Mandangle, how it came about and what the ethos is behind the designs and products.

For the moment I am going to focus on these two product ranges but if the man candles take off I have another aromatic product concept waiting to go, so no shortage of ideas still. I will also add the aforementioned tshirts and aprons at some stage and I really like the idea of Mandangle undies but there are a few technical issues to overcome first so more research and development is required in that area.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the products and that they provide a little light relief and humour in a rather serious world.

If you wish to contact me please use the contact us form on the website as I very rarely get chance to answer the phone.

Have a good one.

mandangle log medium

and if you were wondering...

Definition of Fandangle: noun (informal) - an ornate or fantastic ornament.
Definition of Mandangle: noun (informal) - an ornate or fantastic ornament for a man.

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